INSTANT~KNOWLEDGE  For Technical Staff

Instant Knowledge will give you the confidence to delegate and move on

Instant Knowledge makes their life easier and better.      


Missing knowledge causes serious problems. One study found that 40% of equipment failures were due to humans.

Knowledge Loss

We lose much of our essential long-term knowledge every day. Short-term memory is limited and our long term memory is leaky - we forget very quickly. So do your team.

Executive Summary

 If your technical staff don’t have the necessary technical knowledge the instant it’s needed you’re paying a high price.

Lack of Technical Knowledge

Studies have show that technical staff don’t have enough knowledge to do their jobs properly. One study found that 80% of staff had less than 50% of the required knowledge.

Knock-on Effects

Lack of knowledge can have significant knock-on effects. Product and service quality will suffer and customer service will crumble.

Training Courses Don’t Work

Remember the last time you attended a training course? By the end of the month you could remember less than 15% of the knowledge. Training doesn’t work and you can prove it.  

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