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What we do

we give your team the knowledge they need

We analyse

We study manuals and drawings and then work with your subject matter experts. Together we figure out exactly how the technology works.

We Simplify

Next, we unscramble the information and break it into functional blocks. We simplify each block and develop beautifully clear graphics to explain the key elements.

we Create

We develop knowledge packs so the information is instantly understandable. We use photographs, colour-coded diagrams, 3D models and interactive animations.

What do you get?

High performing team members

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About US

Pat Hough is an engineer, consultant, and author who specializes in making it easy (and fast) to develop deep technical knowledge. He founded World Class Solutions over 25 years ago and he’s been working on making technology simple ever since.

On 1st January 2020, he and his team launched a revolutionary solution called the Instant Knowledge Programme. The goal is to give managers, engineers and technicians instant access to the knowledge they need for their jobs. The programme builds on the success of the Instant Knowledge Packs. 


If you’re interested in simplifying the technical knowledge in your area please get in touch and we can show you how we can help.¬†

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