Technical Training Simplified

 An Investment in Technical Knowledge

What we do

We give your team

We analyse

We study manuals and drawings and then work with your subject matter experts. Together we gather all the information to determine how your technology works.

We Simplify

Next, we sift through the information and break it into functional blocks. We simplify each block and develop beautifully clear graphics to explain the key concepts.

we Create

We develop a learning pack so the information is instantly understandable. We use photographs, colour-coded diagrams, 3D models , interactive animations, and a little text.


The reservoir of knowledge for your staff

Your Needs

A Learning Pack contains all the knowledge that your staff needs to work on a machine or process. 

Your Equipment

The knowledge relates directly to your equipment and your process. It's not generic - it's specific to your operation. 

Your level

The knowledge is calibrated to the exact level of the audience. That means they can understand and use it immediately.


It’s easy to find THE knowledge 

This may seem like a minor advantage, but it has important consequences. If a technician has to locate one of five manuals, then find the correct section, then identify the right version, and then look up several diagrams – he won’t even try. That’s way too long when he’s under pressure. Instead, he’ll try to work things out for himself on the machine. And that could be catastrophic. The Knowledge Packs are laid out so that just a few clicks will get you the knowledge you need.

The hard parts have been worked out

Sometimes you need to work hard to understand what a manual or a diagram is trying to tell you. Manuals are often written in people’s second language and the syntax may not be clear. Diagrams usually contain important information, but the symbols and conventions can be confusing, particularly when you’re not familiar with them. All the knowledge in the Packs has been refined to makes sure it’s understandable on the first reading.

Only essential knowledge is allowed

Scan though any manual and you’ll find that much of the information has little relevance to the operator’s or technician’s job. They often contain machine specification, instillation instructions, buy-off criteria, mechanical drawings – and much more. These serve as a barrier to finding the right information. The Knowledge Packs focus on providing the precise knowledge that’s needed. The operator pack only contains knowledge that the operator needs, likewise, the technician’s pack contains the essential information that the technician needs.

We ask stupid questions

It might not seem like a great recommendation, but we’re willing to ask stupid questions – and that’s important. We have an engineering background and we’ve worked on scores of machines, but we aren’t experts on your machine or process. When we need to understand how a machine or process works, we interview the experts. Sometimes the explanation has gaps but a stupid question or two usually clarifies what’s missing. Occasionally further work is needed to fill gaps that show up. These interactions benefits the expert as well as the Knowledge Pack users.

We use photographs and diagrams
(and few words)

Many people read as little as possible – the sight of a solid block of text turns them off. This problem is more common than you might think – so we’ve designed our packs to avoid it. First, we use colours and attractive layouts to reduce “first glance” resistance. We then provide the knowledge, primarily using 3D models, photographs and diagrams. We’ve also deliberately limited the amount of text we can use, and we choose our words carefully – we use simple words wherever possible.

We use real-world knowledge

Manual are usually written by equipment builders. Their designers have lots of important information, but they don’t have the real-world experience of running the machines in production for extended periods. We collect information from the manuals, the drawings, and from the vendors themselves, but we also consult technicians and engineers who have practical operating knowledge.

What do you get?

A High performing team

Would you like to learn more?

About US

World Class Solutions (WCS) have been helping organizations find and use the right knowledge for over 25 years.  It was founded by engineer, consultant, and author Pat Hough in 1992.  

Over the years WCS has developed many techniques to collect data and information, to sift through it, to simplify it, and to package the knowledge so it’s accessible to the people who need it.

On 1st January 2020, Pat and his team launched a new development solution called the Instant Learning Programme. The goal is to give every manager, engineer, technician and operator instant access to the knowledge they need for their jobs. The programme builds on the success of the Instant Learning Packs. 


If you’re interested in simplifying technical knowledge in your organization please get in touch. We’ll show you how Instant Learning can help you achieve your goals. 

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