A clever way to distribute local knowledge



You can now get a wall-mounted poster of the equipment in 3D format.  The poster is 1765 X 1165 mm (5ft 9in X 3ft 9in.) so it can be seen at a considerable distance. It’s also designed with 4 levels of detail. That means that as you approach the poster more and more detail becomes visible. 

Companies usually mount the poster close to the equipment so it’s always available to anyone working on it. Its provides a great way of learning about the machine in a real life setting. 

The poster has an anti-graffiti coating so you can write on it with non-permanent markers. That means that experienced personnel can add notes and drawings as they are explain details to other members of their team.  Afterwards, it just wipes off.


  • Shows key features as a 3D Model
  • Colour-coded elements
  • Flow direction arrows 
  • 4 levels of detail 
  • Identification of key components 
  • Principle of operation (3D Diagrams) 
  • Cut-away diagrams of key components (if required)
  • Brief explanation of operation 
3D Poster - Knowledge Management