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If your staff don’t have all the technical knowledge they need to do their jobs properly you’ll need to fill that gap. You’ll probably think about training them, but traditional training is not the answer. Why? Because any  knowledge they gain will just slip away if it’s not used regularly. 

The solution is to develop something that people will use – and re-use – because it makes their life easier. That means the solution must be pleasant and fun to use. It must be easy to find the information they need AND it must provide a rich context for that information – to turn it into knowledge. 

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INSTANT Knowledge PackS


The Instant Knowledge Pack can solve any knowledge problem. Each one is based on your machines and equipment. It’s specific to your operation so people can trust that it’s relevant.  

Each Instant Knowledge Pack contains the combined knowledge of the best experts you have available, and it also contains knowledge that was previously buried in obscure notes, drawings and thick manuals. 

The knowledge is presented using photographs, 3D models, colour-coded elements and drawings. That makes it easy to read and understand. It overcomes the reluctance some people have when approach traditional manuals and drawings.  

It’s a real  investment in your future. We do over 95% of the work so your resources aren’t stretched during development. And afterwards? It’s always there. It’s there on the late shift, when the new recruit is the only one around. It’s there when your best people are on holidays. That gives you a real payback. 

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Interactive 3D Model

A new way to view your equipment

This solution allows managers, engineers and technicians to interact with a web-based 3D model of the equipment. No special software is required. It’s possible to move and rotate the complete model – and zoom in and out. 

You can press a button and the key components are shown with their tag numbers and descriptions. Click on a tag and you’ll get a short explanation of what it does. Another set of buttons will explain crucial details by hiding sections of the model. Moving arrows show the direction of the flow in pipes and wires.

This option is ideal for presentations and for training new recruits to an area. It’s also excellent as a reference for hands-on personnel and it’s ideal for planning maintenance interventions with contractors and equipment manufacturers.

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3D Wall Poster

Knowledge on the walls

This solution gives the company a wall-mounted poster of the equipment in 3D format.  The poster is 1765 X 1165 mm (5.79 X 3.82 ft.) so it can be seen at a considerable distance. It’s also designed with 4 levels of detail. That means that as you approach the poster more and more detail becomes visible. 

Companies usually mount the poster close to the equipment so it’s always available to anyone working on it. Its provides a great way of learning about the machine in a real life setting.  It may even be possible to view the poster when working on the machine.

The poster has an anti-graffiti coating so you can write on it with non-permanent markers. That means that experienced personnel can add notes and drawings as they are explain details to other members of their team.  Afterwards, it just wipes off.

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other solutions

Standard Knowledge Pack


Some smaller companies have significant knowledge requirements but limited budgets. If that describes your situation we also have a solution.

We can develop a knowledge pack for you that contains the core knowledge but without all of the features of the Instant Knowledge Pack. The main deliverable that’s missing is the 3D model of the equipment. We use 2D diagrams to explain the operation. The other limitation is that we don’t carry out the same in-depth analysis of the equipment. We depend on your experts a little more. 

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Small Organization

The Instant Knowledge Programme


What's it all about?

So, you’ve got Instant Knowledge Packs for key pieces of equipment. Why should you consider the Instant Knowledge Programme

The packs will ensure that no matter who turns up to work on the equipment they’ll have enough knowledge to carry out the work – or solve the problem – as quickly as the expert.  

However, that assumes a basic familiarity with the packs and a willingness to use them. Most people will be delighted because they are user-friendly. However, a small number may not want to engage with them – or change their existing approach.

A second reason is that new knowledge is continually being generated on the floor. Even experts learn something new from time to time. That knowledge should be captured and fed back into the pack so the operation is being continually improved. 

There are also opportunities lost when knowledge is created in one area but not used in others, even though it could be of benefit. And, there are also areas that are currently not even being considered that could make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the department. 

Finally, with a background in knowledge development and sharing, there’s an opportunity for you and your team to become the leaders in creating best practices that could impact performance right across the entire organization.


The instant Knowledge (IK) Modules

There are 4 modules in the Instant Knowledge Programme. Each one leads to the next. Here is a short overview of each module:

Module 1 – IK Capture

This includes the capture of information about a piece of equipment and the development of an Instant Knowledge Pack. Normally, you will develop several packs before moving on to later modules. 

Module 2 – IK Engage

This module is about sharing the knowledge already captured in the packs using a process called “inverse learning”. It is also used to highlight any missing knowledge in the packs so they can be updated and it uses a new framework to encourage knowledge sharing.

Module 3 – IK Distribute

This module uses a cross-component matrix to further develop the capabilities of the technical team. This creates more expertise for each machine and further promotes the sharing of information and the capture of new ideas and techniques. 

Module 4 – IK Proactive

The team develop best practice knowledge standards for the organization. The purpose of this module is to identify and eliminate any operational or system weaknesses.